Welcome to Beba Planners, presented by Beba Photography!

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The Photographer’s Day Planner was created in 2012 out of  personal necessity. I was juggling a full time marketing job and my (near full time!) photography business and was not able to find any day planners on the market that were specifically designed for photographers and our unique needs. My desk was covered in a sea of post it notes and scratch paper and a photography planner was not available in the stores, I decided to create my own photography planner!

It has since caught on and sold across the USA, into Canada and Australia and has become a repeat favorite of several photographers who purchase it year after year. Because I specialize in children and family photography and photograph corporate photography as well, the line expanded in 2015 to include the Busy Mommy Planner and The Business Entrepreneur’s Planner.

I welcome you to try one of the Beba Planners for yourself and see if you are not more organized by the year’s end!

I am here to serve you,

–Alicia, Owner of Beba Photography & Beba Planners